Beryl's Ballroom Dancers

Beryl came to the Mary Potter Hospice for symptom management.

While having a chat with our music therapist Hayley, Beryl reflected on her lifelong love of music and dance.

In her younger days, she loved ballroom dancing. It was through dancing that Beryl met her husband. Remembering those special times dancing together, Beryl told Hayley that their favourite song was “Fly Me to the Moon”.

In that first music therapy session, there was so much chat about music and Beryl’s memories of dancing, that not a single note of music was played by Hayley.

But afterwards she had an idea.

Why not ask some ballroom dancers to come and dance for Beryl?

In a nice little quick-step of her own, our Volunteer Coordinator Sue contacted two of her friends who are social ballroom dancers. Mandy and Peter kindly agreed to come to the Hospice and do some special ballroom dancing for Beryl.

The time and date were set and preparations began.

The Hospice volunteers transformed the puzzle room into a dance space. The music was set up, champagne poured and Beryl’s bed moved so she had a perfect view of Mandy and Peter’s performance.

The music and dancing brought Beryl to happy tears and fond memories.  With a glass of champagne in hand, she toasted the dancers and everyone there.  Beryl and her family were so thankful to Mandy and Peter for dressing up and adapting their dance to fit the space.

In turn, Peter told us that he and Mandy were delighted that something they loved doing could bring such joy to Beryl.  We are so grateful to them for their time and talent.

Over the next few days, Beryl spoke to Hospice staff about how much the ballroom dancers’ visit had meant to her.  She said it had resulted in some wonderful dancing dreams!

When Beryl left the Hospice to go to a nursing home, our music therapist Hayley made a special CD for Beryl to take with her.  It contained Beryl’s favourite dance tunes, bringing back many special dancing memories.


Mandy & Peter dancing