Family and Visitor Kitchen

The family kitchen is in the heart of the Hospice, bringing the comforts of home to everyone spending time with their loved one.

Family and visitor kitchen
Family and visitor kitchen at Mary Potter Hospice

The Family Kitchen in the Mary Potter Hospice plays such an important role in the care of families and visitors. It's a meeting place and somewhere to have a break; to sit and talk, eat and drink together as family, or chat with others. Here there are cereals, fresh bread, soups and lots of food in the fridge. There's a professional coffee machine and a variety of sandwiches made by our volunteers each day, cakes, fresh fruit, and other treats readily on hand.

Family members make the kitchen their home away from home. It's a welcoming unexpected space with table and chairs so families can sit together just as they would at home.

Without our donors the Family Kitchen would simply not exist. Food, facilities and maintenance are paid for by our donors.

"Our family bonded in the kitchen, laughed and cried together there, and talked to relatives and friends of other patient who shared their own stories, and pass the time comfortably together."

You can provide lunch for a family - $20

You can provide quality coffee beans for one week - $50

You can provide one bag of groceries to keep the shelves stocked - $100