Walking for Jenny

After each Walk for Love, we receive feedback from families who wanted to let us know how much they benefited from coming to the Walk. We share with you Jenny's family story.

Following Jenny’s passing in 2020, Anthony and his daughters made the easy decision to take part in the Walk for Love — to walk for Jenny and other loved ones, and to give something back to the place that has given them so much.

“As soon as we heard about the Walk for Love we knew we wanted to be a part of it,” he says. “Jenny would have wanted to be part of it too.”

Almost 30 years earlier, Jenny’s father passed away at Mary Potter Hospice — igniting the family’s interest in supporting the Hospice and everything it offers to families in their care.

“It’s a beautiful way to honour someone you love and keep their memory alive, says Natasha. “It’s a peaceful place, and everyone at the Walk for Love shares a common bond.”

The family has credited the Walk for Love for turning a hard part of their lives into a relaxing and comforting time they could spend with family, celebrating Jenny and all she meant to them.

“It wasn’t all sad,” says Natasha. “We walked, talked, shared happy memories, did activities and laughed a lot. It was healing.”

“This was important not just for us, but for our extended family who never had the opportunity to say goodbye due to the pandemic restrictions. We were able to come together on such a beautiful and peaceful day. We walked around the Mary Potter Hospice and shared memories of Mum’s time there with our family.”

Elise added, “Being part of the Walk for Love was the least we could do to give back to the community and people that gave Mum and us so much.”

This year, Anthony, Natasha and Elise will be joined by even more family and friends at the Walk for Love, as they walk to remember Jenny and everyone who is missed today.


Thank you to everyone who supports the Walk for Love

You gave Jenny and her family a place to be together, a place where they were all cared for and for the special experiences that brought Jenny such great happiness.