October e-news: Barrie's Trip to the Pub

Barrie was a regular at the Rosewater pub and it was his sister Christine who suggested a visit to the pub when she and Barrie were chatting in his Hospice room.

In Christine’s words … Barrie’s face lit up but then he thought they won’t let me go.  This was on Wednesday and after Christine spoke to Hospice staff a Friday trip to the pub was organised.   Christine said Barrie quite simply ‘bloomed’.

The Hospice rang the pub to let them know that Barrie was coming for a drink and arranged for a special taxi to accommodate Barrie in his cloud chair.  Christine said it meant a hell of a lot to him and to her it was about seeing him so happy at this time.  She was fortunate to go with him for this special trip.

Before Barrie got ill he used to go to the pub where he would sit at ‘his table’, enjoy his port and cocktail pies and nibbles.  This was waiting from him when he got there for what was to be his last drinks.

After he passed away the funeral home drove his body past the pub and his drinking mates were outside to raise a glass.  Inside his table was set with a glass of port and plate of food with a RIP Barrie sign.

Christine is so grateful for everything the Hospice did for her brother, Barrie.

It could be organising a trip to the pub or recreating another special memory for someone to have some time with their friends together.

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