"It was a place where our family and our children always felt welcomed at all hours, before or after school, recess or lunch times... a place that was safe... surrounded by love... a place that became a home."

Lucy, whose mum was in the Hospice in February



“A kitchen full of food and drinks for both kids and adults was available 24 hours 7 days a week and this took the complete stress of having to constantly worry about who was leaving mum to get lunch, snacks or drinks.  

In the kitchen, our children were able to freely help themselves to all foods especially yummy treats such as chocolate, ice-cream, chips and much more.

This was especially important for the children as I know they would get excited about the snacks always available which sometimes gave them that extra bounce when they were tired after school or had been in the Hospice all day.

It was the kitchen that became a place for us to connect and share stories and express ourselves freely to other families suffering, a place where my children also made friends. Friends which we now keep in touch with, friends which we consider family.”

These words were shared by Lucy after her family was in Mary Potter Hospice with her mum earlier this year.

Coming to the Hospice is never easy. So many emotions. So many fears. The realisation that time is truly short.

The overwhelming grief of the loss to come that is suddenly too real.

Lucy’s family went through all of this.

And yet, Lucy is able to reflect on the positive moments that having food, drinks and a kitchen brought into their lives during their time in the Hospice.

The kitchen was one of the ways that donors helped to change Lucy and her family’s experience during those final weeks of their precious mum’s life.

Today please give a gift that will change the experience for the families who will come into the Hospice in the days and months ahead.

When the kitchen was first built no one had any idea how much this space would come to mean. No one realised the difference a simple sandwich, a cup of coffee or a sweet treat any time of the day or night would make on a family’s Hospice experience.

Or, the difference it would make having a place in the heart of the Hospice that would bring families together. Families who do not know each other but who connect in shared understanding.

Every year the kitchen will provide a safe and welcoming space for over 2,000 family, friends and even patients.

Every day, every hour the kitchen will play at part in changing the Hospice experience for a family.

But, community support is needed to make this possible. Please give a gift today towards the Hospice family kitchen.

All gifts will go directly to keeping the kitchen stocked. Families will not have to worry about where and when they will get a welcome cup of coffee or a sandwich. They don’t have to spend any time away from their loved one.

Imagine the difference that can be made to the Hospice experience for families.

Please help make it possible for families to know that they are surrounded by love and to give each family that extra support when they really need it.

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