March e-news: We 'swear' by the O.G. Speed Shop

‘I didn’t like the boys swearing in the shop’, says Jan, part owner of the O.G. Speed Shop.

And that’s when Jan decided to turn something bad into something good.

Knowing that the boys would never stop swearing, Jan introduced the ‘swear jar’.  “Every time someone says a bad word a gold coin goes straight into our Mary Potter collection box,” Jan explains.

The small change has really added up! Over the years the O.G. Speed Shop have helped customers across Adelaide make a positive difference to support patients and their families living their final days at the Hospice.

Jan shares stories of customers who can’t help but put money in the jar - “A gentleman who comes in every morning gives me $2 for his newspaper as he knows I put 50 cents into the jar. There is also a lady who gives me an extra dollar every time she gets petrol. There are some of our customers who jokingly put money into the jar so that they “can swear now.”

So if you’re known to use bad language from time to time, don’t stop swearing! Put your money where your mouth is and stop by the O.G. Speed Shop to fill your car up and pay your swearing fines!

We can’t thank the O.G. Speed Shop enough for their wonderful community support.

The O.G. Speed Shop provide good old fashioned driveway service and are located at 65 O.G. Road, Klemzig. 

L - R: Mick, Jan and Len at the O.G. Speed Shop