Complementary Therapy in St Helen's Ward

"I had my first massage two days after Marianne was admitted. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I had that first massage. It helped me physically and emotionally. I have had two more massages with a remarkable impact on my wellbeing by easing my tension.” – Michael (husband of patient).

The impact of our Complementary Therapy program which is offered to all Hospice patients and their immediate family members is now well documented. We hear comments like the one from Michael (above) time and time again.

Complementary Therapies offered in the Hospice include skin therapy, reflexology and massage. The benefits of each of these therapies can be both physical and emotional. Some of the benefits are:

  • Reducing pain and relieving tension
  • Encouraging a patient or family member to relax
  • Give more peaceful sleep
  • A moment to feel pampered and special


We know how much this support program means to those in the Hospice.

So we are delighted to announce an extension to the program for eligible patients who are in the St Helen's ward next door to the Hospice.

Sometimes patients and families want to remain in St Helen's rather than move to Mary Potter Hospice because of the relationships they share with the staff in that ward. They feel comfortable where they are.

For others, it is because there are no beds available in Mary Potter.

Every Tuesday Rose, our skin therapist, is now spending a few hours with St Helen’s patients and already the response has been amazing. It is only through your gifts that we are able to do this. Thank you for making this possible.

Last week a patient named Patricia spent some time with Rose.

Patricia received a facial massage and a manicure. She felt so spoilt and pampered – an unexpected gift to her, which left her feeling very special.

Thank you to the amazing therapists who deliver this program with an enormous amount of care and love.

This is what Mary Potter Care is all about and thanks to you, more patients are now able to experience it.

Rose and Patricia

A manicure in action