In memory of Aunty Shan, this amazing young woman shaved her head for Mary Potter Care.

Eagleheart is a warm, compassionate and adventurous person.

After losing her Aunty Shan in the Mary Potter Hospice, she wanted to do something to "give back".

Aunty Shan was an amazing cook, a baking legend; a selfless person, always taking care of everyone. She was also a lady with a commitment to good hair. She would budget for her fabulous locks, good hairdressers, good products. She kept up to date with the latest styles.

Because of the love and respect that Eagleheart had for her aunty, she decided to support the Hospice by shaving her head and colouring her hair pink as a tribute to Shan.

"All of the funds raised will go to the Mary Potter Hospice as a thank you for the support, care and love that they showed our family, and so they may continue to help the families of patients in times of need"

Eagleheart's family spent a few weeks in the Hospice. They got to know the staff and volunteers and they felt comfortable. They helped themselves to the family kitchen. And spent hours working on puzzles in the lounge. Aunty Shan's grandchildren visited and loved spending time in the kids lounge room.

Aunty Shan had an option to go home if she wanted to. She chose to stay in the Hospice because she wanted her children to be her children and her husband to be her husband.

She knew the Hospice team were there to do the work.

Eagleheart and Aunty Shan's family felt supported and cared for.

"It was really nice to have the positive experience of the Hospice and have really recent memories of our family coming together... it could have been very different... Given the circumstances it was amazing.”

Eagleheart wanted to do all she could to ensure this care is available for other families.

To raise awareness and funds, Eagleheart ran a campaign on Facebook. She told her friends, family and work colleagues about the Hospice and what she wanted to do.

“My family went through this and it was pretty hard and the Hospice made it so much better and I want to give back. Would you like to help me? And I'm going to shave my head - be a part of that.”

In three and a half weeks, Eagleheart raised $1,445.

Seeing the support coming in was really exciting. Eagleheart felt more excited to shave her head knowing it was for a reason. “I wanted to do this so that it can keep going for other families - that was my main motivator".


We are so grateful to Eagleheart for her outstanding fundraising efforts and for sharing her story with us. We’re sure Aunty Shan would be proud of you.

You can support the Hospice by making your own commitment and fundraising amongst your own friends and family. If you would like more information or ideas, please contact Jess Harford at Jessica.harford@marypotter.org.au or visit our Fundraise for Us page.

Aunty Shan and baby Eagleheart

Aunty Shan and Eagleheart together for Eaglehearts school formal

Eagleheart after shaving her head