February e-news: Valentine's Day in the Hospice

It was decided to make Valentine’s Day in the Hospice very personal this year.

A small bottle of bubbly and a Haigh’s chocolate was organised for all our patients and delivered room to room mid-morning by two of our fabulous volunteers.

This simple act of love and kindness brought a smile to the faces of so many patients. Some patients wanted to share their gift with their partner who quickly popped the bottle in their refrigerator to enjoy later. Others gave it to their partner straight away as a gift of love from them. How wonderful that we were able to facilitate this.

The appreciation shown to the volunteers was amazing and has left an imprint of their hearts. Even though the gift was intended to be for the patients, both volunteers were moved by the reaction they got as they went to each room.

It is only because of gifts to the Foundation that we can bring celebrations like this into the Hospice. So if you have donated recently, thank you for bringing a moment of joy to a patient on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for helping us to deliver care in so many ways. We are truly blessed to have you on our team.