December e-news: 12 Days of Christmas

Hazel wins the the prize hamper on the 1st Day of Christmas.

Earlier this year we approached Hope Church Adelaide and asked them to be involved in our '12 days of Christmas ' project for 2016.

They immediately jumped on board and behind the scenes they have been working hard to make this happen. They managed to co-opt support from staff from the NAB, and as a result 12 gift baskets with items that patients and family members would find useful such as biscuits, puzzles, books, writing paper, toiletries etc. were put together, lovingly wrapped and delivered to our office ready for the 12th December.

Each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day a name is drawn out and a patient, volunteer or staff member 'wins' the basket.

The last time we did the '12 days of Christmas' was in 2014 and it was a big hit!

This activity added a bit of fun and excitement; it was something for family members to look forward to & was a talking point when they ran into others in the family kitchen. And this year, with the baskets being provided by Hope Church, we hope it will send them a message of love and support. There are so many people outside of the Hospice and the Foundation family who care about them.

No-one wants to be in the Hospice in the days leading up to Christmas. Our hearts go out to everyone who is in this position. But it is comforting to know that there are so many people willing to make a difference for these families.

Thank you to Hope Church Adelaide and to the staff at the National Australia Bank for being so kind and generous. We know that you loved helping with this project, but the smiles and the moments of joy that you have made possible and will continue to make possible right up to the 24th December is priceless.