Kicking goals in the Hospice

Meet our Ambassador Kyle Cheney

We are really excited to announce that Kyle Cheney has become an Ambassador for The Mary Potter Foundation.

“What I love most about volunteering in the Hospice is being able to sit down with a patient and provide a different face to talk to. Someone other than a nurse or full time staff member.”

We feel very lucky to have met Kyle. He is a caring young man who plays football with the Adelaide Crows Football Club. Kyle was keen to offer 'hands on' support as a volunteer.

In his home town of Warracknabeal Kyle’s first job was working in a nursing home. He told us that he “just loved the small interaction I had with the patients... I enjoyed being able to have a laugh and break some of their routines for the day.”

Kyle loves being able to make a patient laugh or smile.

The staff and volunteers in the Hospice take the time to get to know patients and learn what is important to them. When a patient is known to be a passionate football fan, Kyle is more than happy to come in for a visit.

We asked Kyle to share one of his most special moments in the Hospice;

“On that particular day wine and cheese would be available for the patients. I told the patient there might be some red wine later and he replied ‘you beauty, it would be like having an early Christmas’. When the nurses arrived he asked if they had any Christmas presents for him, they looked confused. He winked at me and said ‘I don't think I asked the right person’.”

The time that Kyle spends in the Hospice means much more than he might realise. Kyle is easy going, easy to talk to and fun. We know that his visits have lifted spirits and have been a welcome distraction for patients. Kyle is very generous with his time and we are so grateful to have his support.