Help us in May

Will you help us raise funds to ensure Mary Potter Care is available to palliative patients?

In support of the Walk for Love we are sharing little pink collection boxes. If you are unable to walk with us on Sunday 21 May, you can still get involved by requesting a box of your own.

Between now and the end of May, collect your loose change or ask your friends and family for a donation. The funds that you raise will assist our ongoing financial commitment of up of $100,000 per month.

You can make a significant impact on the experience of dying for patients and their families.

What you can do with you pink collection box

  1. Place your pink collection box on your desk at work or on your kitchen bench at home for your loose change. You might like to ask your family or work colleagues to drop their spare change in too.
  2. Give up drinking coffee for a month – and put your coffee money in the box.
  3. Get baking – entice your friends with delicious baked treats, but not without putting a donation into the box.
  4. Recycle – make the most of SA’s cans and bottles recycling scheme and place the funds you raise into the box.
  5. Casual Day – introduce a monthly dress down at school or work. Ask people to make a donation to participate.

Every gift, no matter how small will make a huge difference to patients and their families who need Mary Potter Care.

To get your hands on a little pink collection box contact Jess H at or call 8239 0119.

Board member Liz Scarce and her husband Kevin are unable to attend the Walk for Love this year but they have already filled and returned their little pink collection box.