Meet our Staff

Executive Director


Cathy Murphy was the Executive Director from August 2009 until April 2019. We are currently recruiting for this role and will update this site as soon as an appointment has been made.

lorna new

Lorna Riddle

Operations & Donor Love Manager

Lorna joined us in March 2012, bringing with her the invaluable experience of many years in fundraising and donor relations for well-known organisations. Lorna is our 'Community Champion', with her history in the charity sector reflecting her strong belief in the importance of inspiring community involvement - a philosophy that is thoroughly in tune with the aims of the Mary Potter Foundation.

'I cannot think of anything more rewarding than to help people facing the end of their life and their families. I am so blessed to be a part of this.'

Susie Buchecker

Communications Officer

Susie joined us in August 2018 in a communications and engagement role that builds on her many years of working in broadcast media and advertising, finance and administration. Concurrently completing a university degree, Susie is our resident storyteller, working with a range of mediums that support the fundraising and engagement objectives of The Mary Potter Foundation.

'I’m grateful every day for where I work and for what I do.  Why I’m able to do it is because of the extraordinary staff, volunteers and especially donors. They're truly behind the special moments the Hospice makes happen for our patients and families. I feel really privileged to write about the impact of that loving Mary Potter Care.'

Angela Longobardi

Administration & Fundraising Coordinator

Angela joined The Mary Potter Foundation team in August 2018. Coming to us from a background in customer service, administration and the fashion industry, this is Angela's first role in the not-for-profit sector.

'Working for The Mary Potter Foundation is enriching my life, and I'm thankful that I'm part of an organisation that cares so compassionately for people at the end of their life.'