Sponsor a light on the Loving Tree to celebrate the life of someone you love or as your special gift to the patients and their family members who will spend Christmas in the Mary Potter Hospice this year.

Once you purchase a light, we will add it to the online tree for you at A link to your online light will be emailed to you so you can view your light and share your message of love with friends and family.

We know that at least 30 families will need Mary Potter Care during Christmas and New Year. Buying a light for someone you love or simply as a gift to the Hospice will make that care possible.



"Each year I honour the memory of my brother Neil on the Mary Potter Loving Tree and this year I’ve added my father Ray who died just a few months ago. As a staff member at the Foundation, it can be challenging to deal with your own grief while surrounded by the grief of others. But the Loving Tree has given me the opportunity to give thanks for their lives and in turn, I’m helping patients and families who are facing Christmas in the Hospice this year.

With every light purchased, the Foundation provides a heart to hang on your own tree and another heart will appear on the Loving Tree on Dec 7. If you have lost someone special (regardless if they have died at Mary Potter) you can honour their memory just like I’ve done. Simply call 8239 0119 to purchase a light over the phone or click below to purchase a light online.

Help us to share the love this Christmas."

Staff member, Lorna Riddle