Hold it for Hospice

If you're a yoga studio or an individual who practices yoga, you can help us by raising more than a sweat in your yoga studio during October. 


No one plans to come to the Mary Potter Hospice. But when you have been battling a serious illness and your time is coming to end, there is no better place to be.

The Mary Potter Foundation raises money through Hold it for Hospice to fund vital medical care and support for patients and families in the care of the Mary Potter Hospice team.

For yoga studios 

During the month of October yoga studios are invited to take part in Hold it for Hospice. 

Hold it for Hospice gives you the opportunity to do something close to your heart and in return raise much needed funds for patients in the care of the Mary Potter Hospice.

It is easy to get involved and it is up to you how you take part

Some suggestions for you:

- Donate full or part proceeds from one or more of your sessions during October.
- Ask your yogis to show their support by making an additional folded note donation at a particular session or throughout the month of October
- Place a collection box on your counter for the month of October
- Host a morning tea after one of your sessions and collect donations

To find out more about the event please take a moment to read our event FAQs.

You can register today and list your yoga studio as a Hold it for Hospice host and you will receive a registration pack.

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For individuals

If you're an individual looking to join a Hold it for Hospice yoga session, find a participating Hold it for Hospice host by clicking on the heart below. Contact the host directly to join a Hold it for Hospice session.

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