Corporate Partnerships

There are a number of ways your business can partner with The Mary Potter Foundation. A partnership will allow your business to demonstrate your value to the community and build a positive brand association with a loved and respected South Australian charity.

Here are some ways that you might like to partner with us to support the Hospice or cancer care:

Make a corporate financial donation

Financial donations made to the Foundation provide meaningful support and are gratefully received. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please click here if you would like to make a donation.

Donations of goods and services

You can choose to support by donating relevant goods or services to help us to reduce costs or as items we can auction or raffle at our events.  For example, wine for the Hospice ‘Cheese and Wine’ trolley and food for the family kitchen.

Collect donations on our behalf

It is amazing how quickly loose change can add up – sign up to host a collection box on your front counter or in your staff kitchen.

Donate a percentage of sales of products or service fees

You could give a percentage of your sales or services – for a day, a week, a month or ongoing.  This could happen at point of purchase or on your invoices and of course make sure your customers can see that using your products or services is giving back to your community (and we can help with this too).  There is research showing that consumers will choose one brand over another if supporting a cause is part of the mix.

Workplace fundraisers

Build staff engagement by coordinating workplace fundraisers – giving a chance to give back can install a sense of pride in working for your business.

Nominate The Mary Potter Foundation as your charity of choice at your next casual day, bake sale or social function. You might like to go one step further and organise your own internal charitable fundraiser and encourage staff to participate in teams, or encourage staff to enter existing events like the City-Bay Fun Run in support of the Foundation. There are also lottery and Entertainment Book sales that you might like to coordinate at your workplace to help raise funds.

Workplace fundraisers are a brilliant way to build team spirit, create playful rivalry, and showcase your company's social responsibility. Your staff are eager to contribute actively to worthy causes and supporting charities can lead to higher loyalty and retention rates along with attracting new employees.

If you wish, you can match donations to their fundraiser up to a specified amount.  Your company's donations are tax-deductible.

Build a workplace giving program

Employees can give as much or as little as they would like, just a few dollars from each pay can make a big difference. It’s all taken care of by your payroll department. Your employees don’t have to collect receipts and wait until the end of the tax year to claim the tax refund for donations.

Your business might consider matching employee donations made through the program.

Contact us and we can talk you through how to set this up with your payroll office and give you all the information you need about the tax benefits.

Connect with a new audience through sponsorship

You could sponsor an individual or group experience in the Hospice. Each month we aim to deliver two special treats to help brighten the day.

Or you might like to sponsor a Hospice program including music therapy, Fra Angelico Creative Art program or complementary therapy.

There is the unique RESTORE wellness program for people going through cancer treatment at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital.

Or becoming an event sponsor at Walk for Love or the Chip in for Calvary Golf Day.

Each sponsorship opportunity comes with benefits in terms of promotion of your company to patients, families, donors, or event attendees.  We would work with you on which sponsorship opportunity would deliver your objectives best.

Positive brand benefits

Aligning your brand with The Mary Potter Foundation will reinforce your own company’s trustworthiness and demonstrate to all of your stakeholders your commitment to helping people in your own community as part of your corporate social responsibility.  It can set your company apart from your competitors, encourage customers to choose your products or services and also be an important recruitment tool.  Quite simply, doing good can be good for business!

We also encourage our community to support the businesses who support us – through our website, Facebook and in our newsletter. We can provide impact stories for your own website and publications so your stakeholders will see the difference your business is making.

Benefits above and beyond…

We are always willing to work with our partners to ensure their needs are met.  This is not a one way street and while we have presented a range of opportunities we recognise you know your business best and we would love you to share your ideas to ensure your objectives are met.

We would be grateful to have the opportunity to meet and to show you around the Mary Potter Hospice. We hold a strong belief in the importance of helping people to live while they are dying and making sure that loved ones sharing the journey feel surrounded by care and support.  We would love for your company to share this mission with us.

Speak to us about corporate partnerships by contacting Jess Bostock - Development Manager on 08 8239 0119 or by email at