You can be part of a very special Christmas for patients and their families in the Mary Potter Hospice. We need your help to make sure their last Christmas together is spent making the most of every day, every hour.

We know that at least 30 families will need Mary Potter Care during Christmas and New Year. Buying a gift today for someone you love or simply as a gift to the Hospice will make that care possible.


Leanne will never forget her family's Christmas in Mary Potter. Her much loved dad, Laurie, actually died on Christmas Day 2014. Thankfully with gifts from people like you, the family had an early Christmas celebration in the Hospice.


"We had a great party in the Hospice, it is a memory I will keep forever. We were given the Christmas tree from Dad's party and each year when I switch on the lights I will remember Mary Potter and the angels who cared for us."