You can bring care in the most unexpected ways

When Karen’s husband Phil was admitted to the Hospice they both knew he would not be at his daughter’s wedding.
But thanks to gifts like yours, sadness turned to joy when Phil had his moment of walking her down the aisle of the
Mary Potter Hospice chapel. 

It’s never easy to hear that Mary Potter Hospice is the next step for someone you love.

No one can know at that time what to expect.  There are so many emotions.  Grief, anxiety and fear to name only a few.  No one really knows what they need.

That’s why your gift is so important.

You see your gift is a skilled and caring team. Your gift is a warm and welcoming place.

Your gift is someone taking the time to ask what’s important to each patient and their family.

Quite simply you make possible care that so often goes beyond expectations.