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Mary Potter Foundation

Other Support Services

The Foundation supports two unique programs which are designed to support terminally ill patients and their families.





Fra Angelico Art Therapy

Biography Program





Fra Angelico Art Therapy

Fra Angelico Art is one of the unique programs offered to patients and families receiving palliative care and support through the Mary Potter Hospice and Calvary North Adelaide Hospital.

The program makes it possible for terminally ill patients and their families to create special mementoes using a range of ceramic items – plates, bowls, tiles, mugs, Christmas baubles etc.

Each item features butterflies made with the thumb print of the patient and family members along with their special messages from the heart. The butterfly symbolises life’s many transitions. It is a symbol of change, hope and ongoing life. Fingerprint butterflies symbolise and celebrate the uniqueness and creativity of each person and offer a connection that is treasured by family members.

Fra Angelico Art program is offered free of charge – it is only made possible through donations. 

Biography Program

Giving palliative patients the opportunity to share their life story is a unique biography program running out of Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. The first of its kind in South Australia, the program is offered to patients through the Mary Potter Hospice, Calvary Cancer Services and Central Adelaide Palliative Services.

Telling the story is secondary. It is what happens to a patient through the telling of their story that is first and foremost. It is about reminding people of what they have done, that who they are has made a difference and that their lives have been meaningful.

From the opportunity to reflect on special events, to share stories previously untold, to pass on important information and to offer a tribute to loved ones – a biography brings a welcome affirmation of the value of each person’s life.

Importantly, the program supports emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, reducing pain and discomfort and allowing patients to step out of their sickness.

Each patient is assigned a trained volunteer who will meet with them for one hour each week to record their story. It is their words and their story and all sessions are confidential. Two bound copies plus a CD are given to the patient on completion. Over 60 stories have been written, delivering many positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Since its inception, HPS Pharmacies has been the major sponsor of this wonderful, life affirming program – currently run by volunteers and funded through The Mary Potter Foundation. Thanks to this vital support, life stories are being told and patients and their families given a wonderful gift.

For more information on the Biography Program please send an email to or call one of the volunteer managers on 0434 516 957 or 0434 516 967.